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The Papua Language Institute
Nice to meet you !
Welcome to the PLI (Papua Language Institute).
A course and training centre for Indonesian and foreign languages,
like English, German, French, etc.
With special programs for dedicated groups,
such as for working in the tourism industry or working at an office.
Following high international quality standards.
Also native speaking teachers are ready and stand-by to help you.
Click here to see the location map.
Harrie Stavenuiter
(Managing Director PLI
Picture of PLI Education Center
Papua Language Institute Campus
and Office at Waena, Jayapura
What's the difference?
When you want to learn to speak Indonesian, English or other western languages, the Papua Language Institute has the answer.
If you need to be able to communicate in another language,
for daily use, study or work, PLI can help you out.
New effective training methods, qualified teachers, modern tools and facilities make your learning easier, faster and even more fun.
Our proofed methods are very effective, with a lot of practice and adjusted to your learning speed and skills.
The secrets of the Papua Language Institute.
- Private teaching or very small classes
- Focus on speaking (conversation)
- Building your confidence and self esteem
- Language embedded in culture
- Computer aided learning
- Online help with your homework
- Connect with native speakers
Picture H. Stavenuiter
Latest Technology:
PLI uses new technologies like video calls/conferencing and the latest software version available to make your education run smooth. Even if you don't have computer skills yet, don't worry.
We will help you with that too. So enter the world of PLI.

Fast Internet and WiFi hotspot:
Learning at PLI doesn't mean only by books, but you will learn to use the internet to get access to a whole world of knowledge. When you have a laptop, feel free to take it to PLI and use our fast internet access for Free.
A lot of our study material can also be copied to your own computer for studying at home,
to speed up your learning curve. If you don't know how to install our teachers will help you.

Learn at your own speed and level:
PLI courses are based on practice. Focusi ng on speaking in stead of grammar and theory.
We can teach you how to think in another language instead of learn to translate word by word.
You can't speak a foreign language without understanding its culture, so we will also teach you
more about cross cultural understanding and how to communicate.

All PLI students get our "no good - money back" guarantee.

Star Learn to Speak English :
Everybody can learn to speak English. It isn't hard.
Just think about this: "Why can all four year old kids in England speak English and you can't".
Of course you can! We help you build your confidence and communication skills.
Whether you need it for study, work or your personal relations, come and see us.
Private tuition or small classes available.
How to enroll:
o Fill in our enlisting form.
o Pay enrollment fee (Free till 01-06-2017)
o Make an intake test.
o Bring a portret picture: 2x3 or 3x4 (2 pcs.)
o Pay your tuition fee (click her to see rates)
You can enroll whenever you like,
every workday from 9 till 5 at our reception desk.
Star Learn Other Foreign Languages :
If you whish to learn to speak another language than English, PLI can help you too.
Maybe you need it for your study, your work or you have a foreign friend or partner.
We already helped several of our graduates to pass their exams to get a permit to stay in Europe.
At the moment we are ready to teach you German, Dutch, French and PGN-Pidgin.
If you need to be fluent in any other language please drop in, and we'll find you a good teacher.
And remember: with the PLI language program learning will be fun.
Picture of PLI classroom
Learning Languages
Star Courses for Tourism and Hotel business :
PLI works closely together with the tourist industry and knows the needs of this branch very well.
That's why PLI also developed special courses for people who want to work in this sector.
Focusing not only on language but also on cross cultural understanding.
You can learn more about services levels, complaint handling, time management and so on.
The lessons are mostly given by foreigners who explain about their culture.
Please contact us if you want to know more about these tailor made courses.
Facilities at PLI education centre :
Air-conditioned classrooms
Modern computer network
with up to date software programs
Parking space in the front
Free Membership of "English Club"
Internet Wifi Hotspot
Time table:
All language courses are based on 24 meetings,
Except the Indonesian course which is based on 12 meetings.
A meeting is two times 45 minutes with a 5 minute break in between. ( = 90 minutes effective).
Normally you will have two meetings per week, but if needed other arrangements can be made.
We always try to accommodate the time schedule according to your wishes.

Days: Monday till Saturday.
Hours 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Begin 08.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 18.00 20.00
End 09.35 11.35 13.35 15.35 17.35 19.35 21.35
Learn to Speak Indonesian :
A special course for expats and long stay tourist.
The courses are given in English, Deutsch, Nederlands or Francais.
You will have your private teacher (up to two students) so you will have a tailor made course to whatever level of Indonesian you need.
Lounge at PLI
PLI Logo
Organization chart of the Maga Education Papua Foundation
Papua Language Institute - The Courses
Papua Language Institute - The Organization
Star Special Training Courses - Inhouse Training:
We can and do make special dedicated training programs for specific target groups.
Like: Hotel staff, Gouvernement, Office Staff, Banking, etc.
Or for special needs like: Exam training, Job application, Interview, Public speeching
If neccesary these training programs can be done in-house.
We are ready to make an inventory of your needs and make a tailor made solution for your situation.

Prices for these special courses are on demand
Vision, Mission and Goals:
As you can see in the oganization chart above, the Papua language institute is part of a larger organisation: the Maga Education Papua foundation (MEP).
The reason for this is very simple. Most people who want to learn a second language do this because they need it for the development of their future.
The major goal of the MEP foundation is to develop the skills of the Papuan community and connect them to the worldwide community.

This can be done by special training, studying abroad, scholarships, etc.
To be able to study abroad the PLI will assure the candidates have the basic language skills to attend these foreign programs.
So that's why PLI is part of a larger organisation !
Papua Language Institute Logo
Maga Education Papua Logo
Mr. Samuel Tabuni Chief Executive Officer / General Director
Mr. Yoppy Ginia - SH Daily Manager / Deputy Director MEP
Mr. H.J. (Harrie) Stavenuiter - Bc. Managing Director PLI
Mr. Laus D.C. Rumayom - S,Sos, Msi Head of Public Relations / Marketing MEP
Mr. Fernando N. Tanatty - S.Ag, M.A.Ed Head of Overseas Division MEP
(Foreign exchange program)
Mr. Billy Y.G. Mambrasar - ST, MBA Head of Branding & Partnerships
Mr. Septinus George Saa - B.Sc, MSc Head Consultant and Project Planner
Mr. Abdiel Fortunatus Tanias - S.Si Head of Scholarship Award Program MEP
Vacant Head of Finance / Accounting MEP & PLI
Vacant Head Ofice Coordination MEP
Vacant Head of Administration MEP & PLI
The People Behind MEP and PLI:
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Portrait Picture
Portrait Picture
Portrait Picture
Portrait Picture
Portrait Picture
Portrait Picture
Portrait Picture
Mr. Samuel Tabuni
(C.E.O. Director)
Mr. Yoppy Ginia
(Daily Manager MEP)
Mr. H. Stavenuiter
(Director PLI)
Mr. Laus Rumayom
(Director Marketing)
Mr. Fernando Tanatty
( Forreign Exchange)
Mr. Septinus G. Saa
(Consultant & Planner)
Mr. Billy Mambrasar
(Head Branding)
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